Datt White Stuff Cotton


Datt White Stuff is a Class A Organic Cotton providing a consistently high quality flavour with NO dry hits! Its one of the first ever cotton to provide instant flavour  easy wicking comes in 10 strips ready for the user to use.

Manufactured in the United States.


  • 100% Natural & Organic cotton.
  • Unbleached & Pesticide Free.
  • No Dry Spells and Long Lasting.
  • High Absorbent and clean tasting.
  • Easy to tear for use in atomizers.
  • Packaged in a resealable bag.

What can we say about our cotton? With super-fast wicking and super dry hit protection we beleive that this is the best cotton on the market today. but dont just take our word for it check out the many posotive reviews online, or better yet try it for yourself!

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